The development of citizens’ awareness and their increased participation in the public life are among more important objectives behind the establishment of the Foundation. Numerous projects are implemented to support civic initiatives, to encourage civil activities and to establish contacts and cooperation among non-governmental organizations, local authorities and citizens. Currently, strenghtening citizen participation is one of the greatest tasks for organisations and institutions involved in developing civic society in Poland. In partnership with many subjects we are engaged in actions focused on this problem. One of them is the “Decydujmy Razem” (“Let’s Decide Together”) project. You can read more about it here.

While using the experiences of countries with well established democratic systems, FSLD applies proven methods. Information centers and consulting units for citizens are established. Training is delivered for those journalists who cooperate with local media, as well as programs for civil education.

The most important and the longest project supporting the development of pro-active society to be implemented is the DIALOG Program, implemented nationwide since 1992. It has stimulated new initiatives, such as the Young Leaders’ Academies, Volunteers’ Centers, or programs to improve public security and the level of pro-environmental awareness. Many of these activities are based on close cooperation and agreements with other non-governmental organizations.

The Foundation was also involved in the process to prepare the Poles to changes that resulted from our accession to the European Union. This is why training courses, competitions for the youth to disseminate knowledge about the EU were organized, as well as the establishment of School European Clubs was initiated and their operation supported. Additionally, information units were established, various projects implemented and newsletters and other materials published.