The Foundation in Suppport of Local Democracy (FSLD) is a non-governmental, non-partisan, independent and non-profit organisation.

It was established in 1989 and over the years FSLD has grown to incorporate a network of local units and education institutions, as well as numerous experts and collaborators. Today, FSLD has 14 Regional Training Centres with local branches. We are one of the oldest and largest organizations of this kind in Central and Eastern Europe, and the largest employer among NGOs in Poland.

FSLD’s mission is to promote the idea of civil self-governance as the fundamental form of democracy. To fulfil its mission, the Foundation supports the activity of local authorities and non-governmental organizations, thus contributing to the development and reinforcement of the civil society in the region.

We pride ourselves that over the 25 years we have provided training courses for more than 1.4 million people in Poland and abroad.

The Foundation has implemented a large number of complex projects. Our expertise, coupled with an impressive network of Regional Centres spanning the entire country, has allowed us to win and implement important and prestigious projects. All of our projects are guided by the principle of effectiveness, thus ensuring the maximum possible impact.

For a number of years, the Foundation has been active in the field of migrating Polish experiences of the systemic transformation to the countries still on the path of reforms. The wealth of experience allows the Foundation to effectively assist countries undergoing systemic transformation in a number of fields, through direct technical assistance, as well as through implementation of activisation programmes. The Foundation began its international activities in 1994, and has been expanding both in scope and a number of projects ever since. Migrating Polish experience to countries of Central and Eastern Europe forms a formidable basis of our international activities. However, FSLD’s experts use sophisticated, tailor-made methodology to create the greatest impact in the existing legislative, socio-economic and cultural environments.

Summary of the Foundation in Support of Local Democracy’s activities in 2014