FSLD has provided support for decentralization processes in Poland for over the 20 years and has taken active part in democratic transformations in our country from their very beginning. These efforts are taken both at the level of developing a reform strategy, and at the level of education (through four colleges of public administration) as well as training and advising for individual local governments.

The capital of knowledge accumulated in this way is of tremendous significance in providing effective support for reforms in countries which have barely started to develop decentralized public administration systems. Hence, the Foundation’s biggest challenge at the moment is to share the experience it has gathered both in systemic transformations, and in providing effective assistance in this process in the form of outside consultations.

Such efforts have been taken since 1992 and the number of the Foundation’s international projects has consistently been growing. To date FSLD has implemented its programs in Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia and in the Balkan States.

The Foundation’s programs take different forms such as of study tours in Poland, or directly in countries which receive support, training and workshops delivered for representatives of local governments and local communities. The programs cover general issues, providing the participants with basic information on systemic transformation in Poland, their origin, progress and effects as well as the specific problems local governments must handle.