Logo Grupy ZagranicaAlarming news concerning Polish development cooperation. As Grupa Zagranica – a federation of Polish organizations involved in international development activities (including the FSLD) informs in its report: “We failed to create an effective program of Polish bilateral development aid with the objectives and results, adapted to the needs of our priority countries and harmonized with actions of other donors”.

Authors of the report entitled “Polish Development Cooperation 2012” also stated that: “There is an urgent need to elaborate realistic plans that will significantly increase both the volume and quality of Polish development aid over the next five years”.

Polish spending within the ODA scheme leaves a great deal to be desired. Total value of 0,09% of GNI (nearly unchanged for the last five years) is far from the level that Polish authorities declared in international agreements and it seems impossible to reach the target of 0,33% in 2015.

Due to the fact that expenditure on concessional loans, support for refugees and scholarships for students from foreign countries is included to the Polish ODA, statistics are even more misleading. According to the official data and because of the aforementioned accounting mode, China happens to be the greatest beneficiary of the Polish aid.

You can read more on this problem here. Moreover, you can download the “Polish Development Cooperation 2012”, however only Polish language version is currently available.